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Mothers from problem families should feel ‚ashamed‘. They are damaging society and should stop getting pregnant, according to a senior government adviser. Louise Casey […] has said it is time for the state to intervene.
From Sky News, 2012

England in the not-too-distant future: Britain’s economy and society are devastated. The government has to strive against inflation, unemployment, dramatic economic downturn and a gigantic incidence of crime. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the authorities need to find a scapegoat for this crisis. Overpopulation is chosen to be the reason to all this mess, consequently the new Snip Bill is passed. A bill that legalizes the forced sterilisation of all school leavers without secure further education plans, guaranteed employment or a wealthy sponsor. On top of this all social security benefits are cut down, no more free education, free health and dental care or free school meals.

Of course the underprivileged teens are not willing to give up their human rights, their right to keep their bodies unharmed, to plan their future. It is time for them to take to the streets – it’s time to riot. Tia, a young hacker, is in the middle of the riots. She fights against the government’s plans although she belongs to the privileged teens, although she is the daughter of a high-ranked government member. Soon, Tia is hunted like a terrorist but it is too late for her to back down. (mehr …)

After ‘Ashfall’ and ‘Ashen Winter’ ‘Sunrise’ is the final instalment of Mike Mullin’s post-apocalyptic Ashfall trilogy. If you expect that the title of this book describes the happily-ever-after part of the series you will soon learn that, well, you’ve got another think coming! It’s almost one year after the disastrous eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. Iowa and Illinois are still in chaos: no communication to other parts of the country, no air travel or railroad traffic, impassable roads due to the ashfall and snow. These parts of the country are on their own, people can’t expect any governmental rescue services. They have no energy supply, no water supply and with every day the food shortage becomes more life-threatening. In some rare moments nature displays a silver lining at the horizon but the bitingly cold ashen winter is far from over.
Darla, Alex and his family now live at Alex’ uncle’s farmhouse which has transformed into a rough refugee camp. Due to the desolate situation the towns and settlements have begun waging war on each other. Communities have to be created to withstand the ongoing disaster, but they are unstable and fragile on the brink of starvation. The society has plunged into some medieval legal system where a human life is worth little, food is everything and self-appointed power-hungry leaders judge according to the principle of an eye for an eye.

Is there anything left of humanity that makes them look forward to finally see the sun again?

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INFILTRATOR is the second instalment of the Contributor Trilogy by Nicole Cicacchella. It continues the story of Dara, a seventeen year old girl who lives in a dystopian world in which huge companies, the Creators, rule the world and manipulate all humans under their control. In the first book CONTRIBUTOR Dara has learnt the hard way that in contrast to everything she has been talked into believing in her past her life has never been happy, easy and privileged. Although she now knows that it is pointless to pretend that her life would have been wonderful with that former kind of blissful ignorance, she has to struggle with her new reality. Everything she knows is that she doesn’t want to be another cog in the big leading company’s machine.

With the help of the Free Thinkers, a group of rebels who act from the underground, she gets the opportunity to see behind the curtains of the manipulative governing companies.

The more Dara learns about the arrogant lies and manipulations of the Creators, the more she wants to escape from this pressure. She needs the freedom to ask questions, the ability to do what she wants to and the possibility to be loyal to her family. At this time she wonders who really benefits from the system as it stands now. There are too many people who fall behind and Dara is not willing to accept this. For this reason she pretends to be still a faithful and loyal Contributor who works hard for her Creator, but in fact she is an Infiltrator, a spy, who tries to unravel their dark and dirty secrets.

More than once Dara has to go to her limits, risk her own and the lives of her family and friends and sacrifice a lot. Is she ready to set the world on fire? (mehr …)

Champion ist der dritte und damit letzte Teil von Marie Lus Legend-Trilogie. Acht Monate sind vergangen, seitdem Day und June sich das letzte Mal gesehen haben. June hat das Vertrauen der Republik zurückerlangt und ist als Vertraute des Elektors Anden in höchste Regierungskreise aufgestiegen, während Day eine ranghohe Militärposition innehat.

Days große Sorge ist jedoch, dass es seinem kleinen Bruder Eden, dem letzten verbleibenden Teil seiner Familie, gut geht. Wie kann er jedoch Eden beschützen, wenn er selbst todkrank ist? Er kann und will nicht mit June über seine Erkrankung reden und kann nur darauf hoffen, dass die Ärzte doch noch ein Heilmittel finden, um seine schnell fortschreitende tödliche Krankheit aufzuhalten.

Als sich in den Kolonien die von der Republik mit Biowaffen im Krieg absichtlich herbeigeführte Seuche immer weiter ausbreitet, drohen der Waffenstillstand und die Friedensverhandlungen zwischen Kolonien und Republik zu kippen. Um Tausende von Seuchentoten und möglicherweise einen neuen Krieg zu verhindern, muss June schweren Herzens Day bitten, eine fast unmenschliche Entscheidung zu treffen. Um zahlreiche Menschenleben zu retten und den Frieden zu sichern, müsste Day das tun, was er geschworen hat, um jeden Preis zu verhindern. Sein kleiner Bruder Eden müsste für menschliche Experimente zurück in die Labore der Republik, denn in seinem Blut wird der Schlüssel zur Heilung der Seuche vermutet. (mehr …)

Ethan seems to have an almost perfect family life. He lives together with his father, his stepmother and stepsister Haley. His parents are obviously madly in love with each other, he likes them both very much and he gets on pretty well with Haley, too. There is only one not so tiny thing that bugs him. Ethan can do anything, but Haley is always in the focus of his parents. He loves and adores his father who is a brilliant ‘white-hat’ hacker who works in IT security. So, he tries to impress him with a modified version of one of his Dad’s computer codes, a relatively harmless virus that knocks out his high school’s computer system.

Ethan’s coup even makes his way to the local news – but again: his father ignores him because at the same time Haley makes a big appearance with a new and shocking outfit. Ethan gets mad and jealous and when Hailey explains her sadness and accuses Ethan’s Dad of sexually molesting her, he doesn’t believe her at all. He takes sides with his father and accuses Hailey that she has destroyed his family with making all these things up only to be in the center of attention. It cannot be that his idol, the person he adores so much could be such a monster, or can it? When he hacks into one of his father’s old computers he makes a startling discovery that casts a slur at his Dad. What can Ethan do with this dark secret and what kind of person does this make him? (mehr …)

He may not want my help, but he’s going to get it anyway.
I can’t cope with a world in which he disappears for good.

Kyra in ‘The Woken Gods’

There is not much left of the Washington D.C. we know today in seventeen-year-old Kyra Locke’s hometown. The cause for this almost dystopian vision of a world in chaos is not at war or a natural disaster. No power-crazed human being has taken over the country but a bunch of gods from different mythologies for instance Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Sumerian or Indian.

These gods of ancient mythology awoke five years ago around the world and most of them combine some very bad (in)human character traits in themselves – they are deadly, striving for power, self-centeredness and deviousness. Only the mysterious Society of the Sun seems to be able to keep the goods in check, sometimes in the light, more often in the shadows.

Kyra’s biggest problem, however, are not the gods but her family. Her Mom has left them and is living in Oracle Row and her Dad seems to be a permanent trigger of rebellion for Kyra. Most of the time he is busy and not at home but when he is they often disagree and bicker. For this reason Kyra pretends that she could very well be on her own without her father and do whatever she wants. But when her overly respectable father really disappears she is not willing to give him up. He is charged with high treason because it seems that he has stolen an extremely powerful and dangerous Egyption relic from the Society of the Sun.

With the help of some old and new friends Kyra sets off to get to know what might be behind all this. (mehr …)

We thought it was like summer camp here, and you all were chilling in a safe, clean school. Then, we get here and it’s like one big battlefield, you guys all hate each other, the whole place is trashed! I mean, what the hell happened, how did it get like this?
Gates in Quarantine – The Saints

The Saints is the second installment in the very dark Quarantine series. It picks up right where the previous book The Loners left off. McKinley High is still under military quarantine after a virus outbreak 18 months ago. The school drowns in chaos, it seems to be like a huge battleground. When the doors finally open, Will and Lucy think that the nightmare is over. They have no idea that even worse things are yet to come. A new gang enters the school headed by the charismatic Gates. This new group, nicknamed The Saints, according to their private school they went to before, almost immediately gains popularity among the other students. They turn the school’s former hierarchy upside down whereas the gang of The Loners falls apart. The Loners one by one scatter to all different gangs. Will finally ends up with The Saints. At first this seems to be a lucky opportunity for him to regain his social status but soon he has to fight harder than ever to survive.
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I`d only learned I was a Shifter a year ago, […]. After that, my life got increasingly complicated.
Scott in CONTROL by Kim Curran

CONTROL is the sequel of SHIFT and continues the story of Scott and Aubrey. The teenagers are Shifters, a group of children and teens who can alter reality around them with a single thought. But it’s not like time travel, they can’t go back in a tricky situation suddenly armed with everything they know from the future. They can only change their own decisions and once the change is made, they forget there has ever been an alternative.

Scott Tyler is unlike the other Shifters: He can remember all his alternative realities – the good ones and the horrific ones and has to live with that.

ARES, the secret government agency that trains and regulates the teenage Shifters sends Scott on a mission. They want him to track down the mysterious Frank Anderson. This ex-Shifter tries to find abandoned and endangered Shifters and gives them a home. Anderson claims to give the children hope and a stable life but there seems to be a lot more to the story – a dark secret that could endanger entire societies.

Scott is obsessed with discovering the truth and this takes him further away from Aubrey and his friends. Can he hold his grip on reality or will he lose control over his choices? (mehr …)

Are you a king or queen of regrets?
Have you ever thought of how it would be if you could undo your decisions?
Some bad mistakes, rash words, embarrassing situations, even fatal accidents –
don’t worry, just press the rewind button and start from scratch!

 Scott Tyler, a boy who calls his life mundane and mediocre, is sixteen when he learns that he is a Shifter, one of a few teenagers with the ability that allows him to go back over his choices and take alternative paths. Sounds like a glorious day, huh? In fact, it isn’t one of his best moments in life. While trying to impress some wannabe friends he climbs up a high electricity pylon, falls down and – nothing. When his lights come back again after a short unconsciousness, he is lying on his back quite a distance away from the pylon as if nothing has happened at all. And in fact, in this reality really nothing has happened, no embarrassing stunt, no critical injuries – he has not even tried to climb up the pylon, much less fallen down. Of course, Scott is confused and it does not help that an unfamiliar girl accuses him of Shifting in public to show off to his mates. When she understands, that Scott doesn’t know at all what she is talking about, the girl, Aubrey, explains this ability to Shift. Now, you probably expect some magic, mystery or Star Wars SciFi drivel, but no, you are on the wrong track: It’s all plain and simple quantum physics, including Double Slit Experiments and infinite potential realities. Don’t worry about loads of incomprehensible scientific info dump, it’s just scratching the surface of the science background.

Back to the story: Soon, Scott realizes that Shifting potentially has disastrous consequences he has never anticipated. And then there is the secret government agency ARES, the Agency for the Regulation and Evaluation of Shifters, that tries to track down and control all Shifters. They train Shifters, try to keep them secret and use them to manipulate history, hopefully for the better. But are they really the good ones? (mehr …)

After a big earthquake in the US in the not-too-distant future the society is literally divided into two main groups: the extremely wealthy citizens who live in very luxurious prime gated communities like Sol City and the poor ones who have to live outside the gates.

The wealthy persons are not merely rich, they are so loaded that they can afford genetic modifications. These Genetically Altered Persons (short GAPs) can expand their lifelines to two hundred years, never get sick and are of course extremely good-looking.

The poorer “Naturals” do not have these opportunities and are only allowed to enter the luxurious world of the gated communities with the permission of a GAP, for example when they have to work for them.

The teenagers Zoe and Noah live on completely different sides of the society. Zoe is a GAP who seems to live a perfect life. Noah belongs to the have-nots outside the gates and he fights against social injustice. Zoe and Noah meet when Noah helps his mother clean Zoe’s family’s house. Because of their huge social differences with all the correspondent prejudices they have no interest to get to know each other better.

This changes when Liam, Zoe’s brother, dies under mysterious circumstances. Zoe’s parents react in a very odd way, almost indifferent and also Liam’s friends seem to know more than they are ready to tell. Zoe does not want to let this matter rest and tries to reveal the secret of Liam’s death. The key to this dark secret seems to lie outside the borders of Sol City. In this unfamiliar territory Zoe needs the help of a Natural and this is where Noah comes into play. He is the very last person Zoe wants to trust, but she has no choice. From now on she does not only have to question her prejudices but also her family and the world she lives in. (mehr …)