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April 9, 1940:
Peace-loving Norway is invaded by Nazi Germany. Although unprepared for an invasion, the Norwegian military puts up a valiant fight for several weeks before disbanding. The King and parliament escape to England. Now the Nazis are fully in control.
Or are they. . .?

The occupying Germans expect Norwegians to welcome them as protectors against the Soviet Union. But why? They think that the Norwegians embody the ideal of the Aryan race, being fair-haired, blue-eyed, tall and fit.

Unexpectedly, the Norwegians confront the occupying force with hostility and resistance. There is not only an organized military resistance, even ordinary Norwegians, young and old, find endless ways of resisting. Those people know that every part they play in the underground, no matter how small it might seem, can be significant.

Fourteen-year-old Espen is one of them. Shadow on the Mountain tells his adventures during World War II in Norway. Espen, his family and his friends are swept up in the resistance movement, but some of his former friends seem to be on the wrong side. Can he still trust them or does he have to fear them? Espen starts his career in the resistance with small jobs, at first he only delivers illegal newspapers. During the following years of war he is sent on more and more dangerous missions as a courier or even as a spy. With these strictly forbidden activities he risks his own life and those of his loved ones, his family and friends. Although he sometimes wonders if he is on the right path and what is the right thing to do, at some point he cannot stop the events anymore or return to a normal childhood. (mehr …)


“For the first time ever, I felt ashamed of my species. The volcano had taken our homes, our food, our automobiles and our airplanes, but it hadn’t taken our humanity. No, we’d given that up on our own“ (Alex in ASHFALL by Mike Mullin)


Verlag: Tanglewood Press
Seiten: 465
ISBN-10: 1933718552

Alex is a typical teenage boy, almost constantly fighting with his Mom. The topics? Well, I’d say they are quite typical, too: poor study habits, excessive video games and so on. So, Alex is really happy to be allowed to stay alone at home for the weekend while his parents and little sister visit his Uncle’s farm.

But his happiness about having dodged stinky country life and instead of that playing World of Warcraft without any parental disapproval doesn’t last long. Already after a few hours alone he gets the first hint that that wouldn’t be the normal Friday evening. At first there is only a rumble, the house shakes a little and power goes out, but then all hell breaks loose. Alex hears a loud cracking noise and the floor tilts, followed by a loud boom and a whistling sound almost like incoming artillery from a war movie. The house practically caves in on itself and Alex has a hard time escaping the chaos.

But who has sent this bomb? The supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park has erupted and blast off a huge chunk of rock that hit Alex’s house. A few hours later, tons of ash cover the country and overcast the sky. (mehr …)

Fourteen-year-old Max Murphy is a typical city slicker whose best adventures involve pizza and video games. His parents are famous archaeologists but Max isn’t interested at all in their archeological craziness for Mayan culture including old pottery or ancient artifacts. For this reason they always leave him behind with Zia, their housekeeper, when they head off for foreign countries to excavate ancient Maya ruins. Max hates this and is really happy that his parents want to spend more time with him and plan a holiday trip to Italy together. But everything is ruined when his parents receive an unexpected permission to do another dig in Central America. Max is furious because they leave him alone and want to send him to a wilderness camp in Maine.

But instead of heading off to the camp, Zia tells him shortly after his parents‘ departure, that they want him to join them in San Xavier. When Max arrives there, he learns that his parents have mysteriously disappeared exploring an ancient Maya pyramid in the rain forest. His Uncle Ted, who seems to hate him, becomes his instant guardian.

Although his uncle doesn’t allow him to leave the house he runs away and gets lost in the rain forest. There, he meets Lola, a Mayan girl, and her two monkey friends who want to help him find out what actually happened to his parents. They discover hidden pyramids and ruins and mysterious treasures. It doesn’t take long and they have to run for their lives themselves because they accidentally summon evil Maya kings. Those want to hold the power of the Jaguar stones that can change the world. If all five stones are brought together the world is in great danger. (mehr …)