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After a big earthquake in the US in the not-too-distant future the society is literally divided into two main groups: the extremely wealthy citizens who live in very luxurious prime gated communities like Sol City and the poor ones who have to live outside the gates.

The wealthy persons are not merely rich, they are so loaded that they can afford genetic modifications. These Genetically Altered Persons (short GAPs) can expand their lifelines to two hundred years, never get sick and are of course extremely good-looking.

The poorer “Naturals” do not have these opportunities and are only allowed to enter the luxurious world of the gated communities with the permission of a GAP, for example when they have to work for them.

The teenagers Zoe and Noah live on completely different sides of the society. Zoe is a GAP who seems to live a perfect life. Noah belongs to the have-nots outside the gates and he fights against social injustice. Zoe and Noah meet when Noah helps his mother clean Zoe’s family’s house. Because of their huge social differences with all the correspondent prejudices they have no interest to get to know each other better.

This changes when Liam, Zoe’s brother, dies under mysterious circumstances. Zoe’s parents react in a very odd way, almost indifferent and also Liam’s friends seem to know more than they are ready to tell. Zoe does not want to let this matter rest and tries to reveal the secret of Liam’s death. The key to this dark secret seems to lie outside the borders of Sol City. In this unfamiliar territory Zoe needs the help of a Natural and this is where Noah comes into play. He is the very last person Zoe wants to trust, but she has no choice. From now on she does not only have to question her prejudices but also her family and the world she lives in. (mehr …)


History itself can be rewritten. You only need to change a word here, an event there. Even things like emphasis and importance can be up- or downgraded to make history say what they want it to say.To make it read how they want it to read.
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From THE FUTURE WE LEFT BEHIND by Mike Lancaster

THE FUTURE WE LEFT BEHIND (or in some countries 1.4) picks up about one millenium after the events described in the first book of the series 0.4. Life on Earth has changed in a lot of ways but the most significant feature is The Link, a global wireless network that interlinks all people’s brains. You can chat, play, listen to music, buy goods or store your memories via your Link account – whenever, wherever. It’s sort of like our Internet just without computer hardware and way faster.

Peter Vincent, the lead character of this book, isn’t sure if he is up to follow in his father’s footsteps. David Vincent is a famous and celebrated scientist who once saved the world’s crop with his invention of artificial bees but he is also a cold and uncaring person who disrespects other persons‘ beliefs. When Peter meets Alpha his entire view of the world is shaken. Alpha is a Strakerite – a small group of people who believe in the Kyle Straker Tapes and that everything that is described in 0.4 really happened. Leading scientists as Peter’s father despise these Strakerites and contend that Kyle Straker’s story is a hoax, a superstition.

Alpha sows seeds of doubt in Peter’s thoughts and soon they discover a huge conspiracy that doesn’t only threaten their own existence but that even might erase all humanity. Is Kyle Straker’s story true? How can Peter and Alpha accept full responsibility for their own destiny? (mehr …)

I can find your hope again. I can show you that great things can happen. Even right now.
Zoey in MIDNIGHT CITY by J. Barton Mitchell

Eight years ago, Earth has been conquered by extraterrestrial invaders. Since these days, the aliens, known as The Assembly, have broadcast a telepathic signal that ended any resistance. The mind control signal influenced the brains of all adults who then left their families and jobs, marched toward the nearest Assembly Presidium and disappeared forever. Only children and teenagers were left behind, unaffected by the signal, but turning adult, more and more of them also succumbed to Assembly control.

With all military crushed on the planet, most of the population subdued, there is not much hope left for the human race. It seems impossible that children who hardly know anything about fighting could form an effective resistance against the aliens, even more as they seem more interested in killing each other than uniting and facing the invaders. The very depressing perspective is that The Assembly will take more of the adolescents every day and it won’t last long until there isn’t anyone left behind.

In this society, Holt, a young bounty hunter, is transporting his prisoner Mira, when they find Zoey, a little girl who has obviously something about her, but who also needs protection. Although Mira and Holt are enemies at the beginning, they have to learn to work together when they want to survive and protect themselves and Zoey.

They have to face horrible feuding alien armies, zombie-like mutants and also a lot of not so well-meaning members of their own human mankind. Starting as a group of loners who don’t trust each other, they have to stick together and finally form a team that might be the beginning of hope …

Artwork by Evan Cagle

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A Million Suns, book 2 of the Across the Universe trilogy, picks up where Across the Universe (Godspeed – Die Reise beginnt) dropped off.

Eldest is dead, Orion frozen and 16year old Elder is now in charge of the Godspeed. After decades of lies and the manipulation of the passengers with drugs under the rule of Eldest, Elder is determined to be a better leader. He takes the Godspeed passengers off the drugs, gives them back their freedom and free access to the ship’s knowledge databases. All this turns out to be too much freedom, because people start to question him and Elder’s control of the ship starts to slip. Amy isn’t much of a help in this situation, because in many ways Elder and she couldn’t be more different – with one born on the ship and meant to lead and the other born centuries ago on earth and with the feeling of being stuck in a life that wasn’t meant to be this way. (mehr …)