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Mothers from problem families should feel ‚ashamed‘. They are damaging society and should stop getting pregnant, according to a senior government adviser. Louise Casey […] has said it is time for the state to intervene.
From Sky News, 2012

England in the not-too-distant future: Britain’s economy and society are devastated. The government has to strive against inflation, unemployment, dramatic economic downturn and a gigantic incidence of crime. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the authorities need to find a scapegoat for this crisis. Overpopulation is chosen to be the reason to all this mess, consequently the new Snip Bill is passed. A bill that legalizes the forced sterilisation of all school leavers without secure further education plans, guaranteed employment or a wealthy sponsor. On top of this all social security benefits are cut down, no more free education, free health and dental care or free school meals.

Of course the underprivileged teens are not willing to give up their human rights, their right to keep their bodies unharmed, to plan their future. It is time for them to take to the streets – it’s time to riot. Tia, a young hacker, is in the middle of the riots. She fights against the government’s plans although she belongs to the privileged teens, although she is the daughter of a high-ranked government member. Soon, Tia is hunted like a terrorist but it is too late for her to back down. (mehr …)