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I`d only learned I was a Shifter a year ago, […]. After that, my life got increasingly complicated.
Scott in CONTROL by Kim Curran

CONTROL is the sequel of SHIFT and continues the story of Scott and Aubrey. The teenagers are Shifters, a group of children and teens who can alter reality around them with a single thought. But it’s not like time travel, they can’t go back in a tricky situation suddenly armed with everything they know from the future. They can only change their own decisions and once the change is made, they forget there has ever been an alternative.

Scott Tyler is unlike the other Shifters: He can remember all his alternative realities – the good ones and the horrific ones and has to live with that.

ARES, the secret government agency that trains and regulates the teenage Shifters sends Scott on a mission. They want him to track down the mysterious Frank Anderson. This ex-Shifter tries to find abandoned and endangered Shifters and gives them a home. Anderson claims to give the children hope and a stable life but there seems to be a lot more to the story – a dark secret that could endanger entire societies.

Scott is obsessed with discovering the truth and this takes him further away from Aubrey and his friends. Can he hold his grip on reality or will he lose control over his choices? (mehr …)


Are you a king or queen of regrets?
Have you ever thought of how it would be if you could undo your decisions?
Some bad mistakes, rash words, embarrassing situations, even fatal accidents –
don’t worry, just press the rewind button and start from scratch!

 Scott Tyler, a boy who calls his life mundane and mediocre, is sixteen when he learns that he is a Shifter, one of a few teenagers with the ability that allows him to go back over his choices and take alternative paths. Sounds like a glorious day, huh? In fact, it isn’t one of his best moments in life. While trying to impress some wannabe friends he climbs up a high electricity pylon, falls down and – nothing. When his lights come back again after a short unconsciousness, he is lying on his back quite a distance away from the pylon as if nothing has happened at all. And in fact, in this reality really nothing has happened, no embarrassing stunt, no critical injuries – he has not even tried to climb up the pylon, much less fallen down. Of course, Scott is confused and it does not help that an unfamiliar girl accuses him of Shifting in public to show off to his mates. When she understands, that Scott doesn’t know at all what she is talking about, the girl, Aubrey, explains this ability to Shift. Now, you probably expect some magic, mystery or Star Wars SciFi drivel, but no, you are on the wrong track: It’s all plain and simple quantum physics, including Double Slit Experiments and infinite potential realities. Don’t worry about loads of incomprehensible scientific info dump, it’s just scratching the surface of the science background.

Back to the story: Soon, Scott realizes that Shifting potentially has disastrous consequences he has never anticipated. And then there is the secret government agency ARES, the Agency for the Regulation and Evaluation of Shifters, that tries to track down and control all Shifters. They train Shifters, try to keep them secret and use them to manipulate history, hopefully for the better. But are they really the good ones? (mehr …)