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He may not want my help, but he’s going to get it anyway.
I can’t cope with a world in which he disappears for good.

Kyra in ‘The Woken Gods’

There is not much left of the Washington D.C. we know today in seventeen-year-old Kyra Locke’s hometown. The cause for this almost dystopian vision of a world in chaos is not at war or a natural disaster. No power-crazed human being has taken over the country but a bunch of gods from different mythologies for instance Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Sumerian or Indian.

These gods of ancient mythology awoke five years ago around the world and most of them combine some very bad (in)human character traits in themselves – they are deadly, striving for power, self-centeredness and deviousness. Only the mysterious Society of the Sun seems to be able to keep the goods in check, sometimes in the light, more often in the shadows.

Kyra’s biggest problem, however, are not the gods but her family. Her Mom has left them and is living in Oracle Row and her Dad seems to be a permanent trigger of rebellion for Kyra. Most of the time he is busy and not at home but when he is they often disagree and bicker. For this reason Kyra pretends that she could very well be on her own without her father and do whatever she wants. But when her overly respectable father really disappears she is not willing to give him up. He is charged with high treason because it seems that he has stolen an extremely powerful and dangerous Egyption relic from the Society of the Sun.

With the help of some old and new friends Kyra sets off to get to know what might be behind all this. (mehr …)