Mit ‘computer hackers’ getaggte Beiträge

Noa and Peter are teenage computer hackers who come from different corners of the society. Noa is a foster kid who has to fend for herself always flying low under the radar of the foster care system and Peter lives a very privileged life in a rich family. They only know each other in the virtual world of a hacker alliance. A coincidence brings them together in real life.

When Noa wakes up in a hospital bed that obviously isn’t part of a real hospital she has to fear for her life. She can escape her kidnappers but has not much opportunities to go into hiding.

At the same time, Peter accidentally stumbles over some explosive documents on the internet. He hasn’t much time to delve into the information because strangers break into his house, frighten Peter, menace his family and steal his computer. When he tells his parents about the incident they react conspicuously reluctant.

Peter tries to find a way to understand the explosive documents and with that the mysterious housebreaking and asks for help in his online hacker alliance. Here, Noa’s and Peter’s paths cross in the real life and soon they learn that they have more in common than they realize. (mehr …)