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John Dixons Phoenix Island erzählt die Geschichte des sechzehnjährigen Waisen Carl Freeman, einem preisgekrönten Boxer mit einem ziemlich explosiven Temperament. In Erinnerung an seinen verstorbenen Vater, einem ehemals respektierten Polizeibeamten, setzt Carl sich für die Schwachen in der Gesellschaft ein. Ganz anders als sein Vater übertritt er dabei jedoch mehr als einmal die Grenzen des Erlaubten. Carl kann es nicht ertragen zuzusehen, wenn Mobbingopfer gequält werden. Dabei spielt es für ihn keine Rolle, ob er das Opfer überhaupt kennt, die Gegner körperlich oder zahlenmäßig überlegen sein könnten oder derjenige, der schikaniert, eine Amtsperson ist: Carl schlägt zu, ohne zu überlegen, welche Konsequenzen das für ihn haben könnte. Daraus folgen natürlich zahlreiche Strafen und er wird von Pflegefamilie zu Pflegefamilie weitergereicht, bis ein Richter die einzige Chance zur Besserung für Carl darin sieht, ihn nach Phoenix Island zu schicken, einem Jugendstraflager auf einer Insel vor der Küste der USA.

Bis zu seinem 18. Geburtstag soll Carl auf dieser Insel beweisen, dass er sich bessern will, doch schnell muss er entdecken, dass die Chancen, dass er diesen Tag überhaupt erleben wird, schlecht stehen. Phoenix Island ist ein privates Straflager, auf dem US-Gesetze Schall und Rauch sind. Schikanen, Grausamkeiten und Folter sind an der Tagesordnung und niemand kann den Jugendlichen helfen, denn jeglicher Kontakt aufs Festland ist verboten und eine Flucht ist unmöglich. Die Insel birgt jedoch noch ein weiteres tödliches Geheimnis und Carl gerät schon bald in den Fokus des Interesses. Hat er überhaupt ein Chance, die Insel jemals lebend zu verlassen? (mehr …)


Champion ist der dritte und damit letzte Teil von Marie Lus Legend-Trilogie. Acht Monate sind vergangen, seitdem Day und June sich das letzte Mal gesehen haben. June hat das Vertrauen der Republik zurückerlangt und ist als Vertraute des Elektors Anden in höchste Regierungskreise aufgestiegen, während Day eine ranghohe Militärposition innehat.

Days große Sorge ist jedoch, dass es seinem kleinen Bruder Eden, dem letzten verbleibenden Teil seiner Familie, gut geht. Wie kann er jedoch Eden beschützen, wenn er selbst todkrank ist? Er kann und will nicht mit June über seine Erkrankung reden und kann nur darauf hoffen, dass die Ärzte doch noch ein Heilmittel finden, um seine schnell fortschreitende tödliche Krankheit aufzuhalten.

Als sich in den Kolonien die von der Republik mit Biowaffen im Krieg absichtlich herbeigeführte Seuche immer weiter ausbreitet, drohen der Waffenstillstand und die Friedensverhandlungen zwischen Kolonien und Republik zu kippen. Um Tausende von Seuchentoten und möglicherweise einen neuen Krieg zu verhindern, muss June schweren Herzens Day bitten, eine fast unmenschliche Entscheidung zu treffen. Um zahlreiche Menschenleben zu retten und den Frieden zu sichern, müsste Day das tun, was er geschworen hat, um jeden Preis zu verhindern. Sein kleiner Bruder Eden müsste für menschliche Experimente zurück in die Labore der Republik, denn in seinem Blut wird der Schlüssel zur Heilung der Seuche vermutet. (mehr …)

Ethan seems to have an almost perfect family life. He lives together with his father, his stepmother and stepsister Haley. His parents are obviously madly in love with each other, he likes them both very much and he gets on pretty well with Haley, too. There is only one not so tiny thing that bugs him. Ethan can do anything, but Haley is always in the focus of his parents. He loves and adores his father who is a brilliant ‘white-hat’ hacker who works in IT security. So, he tries to impress him with a modified version of one of his Dad’s computer codes, a relatively harmless virus that knocks out his high school’s computer system.

Ethan’s coup even makes his way to the local news – but again: his father ignores him because at the same time Haley makes a big appearance with a new and shocking outfit. Ethan gets mad and jealous and when Hailey explains her sadness and accuses Ethan’s Dad of sexually molesting her, he doesn’t believe her at all. He takes sides with his father and accuses Hailey that she has destroyed his family with making all these things up only to be in the center of attention. It cannot be that his idol, the person he adores so much could be such a monster, or can it? When he hacks into one of his father’s old computers he makes a startling discovery that casts a slur at his Dad. What can Ethan do with this dark secret and what kind of person does this make him? (mehr …)

Seventeen-year old Jack Nill and his father Martin Baxter live in the not-too-distant future in a city what was once New York. Many things have changed since Martin Baxter’s childhood: a small number of mega-corporations have taken control of the country and they are striving for more. Those mega-corps have a finger in every pie, they operate the army, manipulate the water market and of course, the independence and neutrality of the internet is part of a bygone halcyon era. Today, you cannot send sensitive correspondence through the post or via the internet without having to worry about it getting scanned for content. Now, the only way to transmit important data files is by a network of “data runners” who literally run the information over the sneakernet. This procedure, of course, isn’t appreciated by the megas, so running data is the most dangerous game in this very dirty world.

Jack Nill has to accept that risk when he gets into this business. He must make money as a data runner because his father has been tricked in a major gamble and lost a lot.

With his intelligence and his outstanding parkour skills, Jack seems to be the perfect data runner. He is able to run even the most wanted and highly explosive data with a bunch of contract killers on his heels until something unexpected happens. Jack stumbles into a huge conspiracy that could affect the entire North American Alliance. Now, it’s up to him and his friends to use all their skills to outrun their interceptors and uncover the truth. Will they be able to avert the imminent catastrophe? (mehr …)

We’re born into pain, and we leave in pain, and we cause it along the way too, it seems. It’s a damned hard lesson.

Fifteen-year-old Shreve Cannon is in Casimir Detention Center for Boys, but it seems that he doesn’t mind it. Sometimes, Shreve doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut but he is a smart-ass and somehow he always finds a way how to work the system. He has got a pretty good position in juvie because of his good running business as a candy dealer.

For the moment, he is quite okay with his life in juvie because he has a bed, his own three squares and the regular meals in the prison are something he wasn’t allowed to enjoy in his life with his mother, before. The only thing he is desperately missing is his little brother, because he fears that their alcohol addicted mother might not treat him well.

Shreve’s regular daily routine is over, when Jack Graves, his new cellmate, arrives at Casimir. Jack is very shy and scared and reminds Shreve in some ways of his little brother. So he doesn’t hesitate and takes Jack under his wing to protect the younger boy from the juvie bullies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long and Shreve messes things up for Jack when he unintentionally blabs Jack’s secret – that the boy has six fingers on each hand.

This of course makes Jack the center of attention in juvie, one thing he wanted to avoid at all costs because now he cannot hide anymore that he has even a way bigger secret. Jack has an outstanding dangerous superpower that he hasn’t completely under control. With this superpower he piques the interest of the super-villain Quincrux who wants to lay his hands on Jack and his extraordinary skills.

Jack and Shreve are afraid of Quincrux and bust out of juvie. Once they are outside, they have to learn that breaking free is much easier that defending their freedom. To protect themselves they have to cut across lines and often do not know what’s wrong or right. (mehr …)

You can’t blame us for wanting to carpe that diem if our diems are numbered.

Allie, Juliet and Rob are “Children of the Moon”. No, don’t worry, you won’t find any creepy bloodsuckers or hairy fairytale creatures in this novel. The three teenagers suffer from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), a very rare genetic disorder, a potentially lethal sun  light allergy. They live like ghosts , in the same city as their families or other persons of their age but somehow in a parallel universe, a night universe, because they have to prevent any exposure to sunlight.

Most people with XP die before they are forty. This is a cruel fate, but Allie, Juliet and Rob stick together and try to make the most out of it. The three of them spend almost every night together, exploring the city when the rest of the world is asleep. One day, Juliet the daredevil in this group, comes up with the idea of training for Parkour, a quite challenging sport with running, climbing, crawling and jumping to traverse physical obstacles. Allie and Rob are all for it and soon they start reckless freerunning adventures, leaping from one tall building to another and exploring the rooftops all over the town. During one of their Parkour runs, Allie catches a glimpse into an illuminated window and sees something that seems to be a murder. Allie calls the police but they don’t find anything suspicious.

However, this is the turning point in Allies life. When she needed Parkour before to spice up her life, now the fun really starts because someone knows that Allie really saw something that she shouldn’t have seen. And this makes her life a spine chilling nightmare. (mehr …)

History itself can be rewritten. You only need to change a word here, an event there. Even things like emphasis and importance can be up- or downgraded to make history say what they want it to say.To make it read how they want it to read.
Source: LinkData\LinkDiary\Live\Peter_Vincent\Personal
From THE FUTURE WE LEFT BEHIND by Mike Lancaster

THE FUTURE WE LEFT BEHIND (or in some countries 1.4) picks up about one millenium after the events described in the first book of the series 0.4. Life on Earth has changed in a lot of ways but the most significant feature is The Link, a global wireless network that interlinks all people’s brains. You can chat, play, listen to music, buy goods or store your memories via your Link account – whenever, wherever. It’s sort of like our Internet just without computer hardware and way faster.

Peter Vincent, the lead character of this book, isn’t sure if he is up to follow in his father’s footsteps. David Vincent is a famous and celebrated scientist who once saved the world’s crop with his invention of artificial bees but he is also a cold and uncaring person who disrespects other persons‘ beliefs. When Peter meets Alpha his entire view of the world is shaken. Alpha is a Strakerite – a small group of people who believe in the Kyle Straker Tapes and that everything that is described in 0.4 really happened. Leading scientists as Peter’s father despise these Strakerites and contend that Kyle Straker’s story is a hoax, a superstition.

Alpha sows seeds of doubt in Peter’s thoughts and soon they discover a huge conspiracy that doesn’t only threaten their own existence but that even might erase all humanity. Is Kyle Straker’s story true? How can Peter and Alpha accept full responsibility for their own destiny? (mehr …)

Noa and Peter are teenage computer hackers who come from different corners of the society. Noa is a foster kid who has to fend for herself always flying low under the radar of the foster care system and Peter lives a very privileged life in a rich family. They only know each other in the virtual world of a hacker alliance. A coincidence brings them together in real life.

When Noa wakes up in a hospital bed that obviously isn’t part of a real hospital she has to fear for her life. She can escape her kidnappers but has not much opportunities to go into hiding.

At the same time, Peter accidentally stumbles over some explosive documents on the internet. He hasn’t much time to delve into the information because strangers break into his house, frighten Peter, menace his family and steal his computer. When he tells his parents about the incident they react conspicuously reluctant.

Peter tries to find a way to understand the explosive documents and with that the mysterious housebreaking and asks for help in his online hacker alliance. Here, Noa’s and Peter’s paths cross in the real life and soon they learn that they have more in common than they realize. (mehr …)

„…we’re the only survivors who aren’t infected and it’s up to us to start things over again. Like a new earth. […] It’s like the planet has reset, she explained, to create a new earth full of hope.“

16yo Jesse from Australia and his new friends Dave, Anna and Mini are visiting New York for a UN Youth Ambassador’s camp. They are on a subway when a massive explosion suddenly rocks their train. As the only survivors they manage to escape the underground inferno. Arriving above-ground they find themselves stranded in a New York in chaos – with buildings burning and falling down and abandoned and smashed cars on the streets. The most disturbing fact, however, is, that New York’s streets, usually full of noise and life, are deserted – they can’t see a single body. The four teenagers have no idea what might have happened. When they finally see some people in the distance their joy is quite short-lived because all human beings seem to be infected by some mysterious virus. Those people act like zombie-like creatures who crave for any liquid. This can be muddy water from the streets, molten snow, water from fire hydrants –
or human blood …
Jesse, Dave, Anna and Mini have to run for their lives, find a place to hide and wait for rescue whenever this might come.  (mehr …)

I can find your hope again. I can show you that great things can happen. Even right now.
Zoey in MIDNIGHT CITY by J. Barton Mitchell

Eight years ago, Earth has been conquered by extraterrestrial invaders. Since these days, the aliens, known as The Assembly, have broadcast a telepathic signal that ended any resistance. The mind control signal influenced the brains of all adults who then left their families and jobs, marched toward the nearest Assembly Presidium and disappeared forever. Only children and teenagers were left behind, unaffected by the signal, but turning adult, more and more of them also succumbed to Assembly control.

With all military crushed on the planet, most of the population subdued, there is not much hope left for the human race. It seems impossible that children who hardly know anything about fighting could form an effective resistance against the aliens, even more as they seem more interested in killing each other than uniting and facing the invaders. The very depressing perspective is that The Assembly will take more of the adolescents every day and it won’t last long until there isn’t anyone left behind.

In this society, Holt, a young bounty hunter, is transporting his prisoner Mira, when they find Zoey, a little girl who has obviously something about her, but who also needs protection. Although Mira and Holt are enemies at the beginning, they have to learn to work together when they want to survive and protect themselves and Zoey.

They have to face horrible feuding alien armies, zombie-like mutants and also a lot of not so well-meaning members of their own human mankind. Starting as a group of loners who don’t trust each other, they have to stick together and finally form a team that might be the beginning of hope …

Artwork by Evan Cagle

(mehr …)