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He may not want my help, but he’s going to get it anyway.
I can’t cope with a world in which he disappears for good.

Kyra in ‘The Woken Gods’

There is not much left of the Washington D.C. we know today in seventeen-year-old Kyra Locke’s hometown. The cause for this almost dystopian vision of a world in chaos is not at war or a natural disaster. No power-crazed human being has taken over the country but a bunch of gods from different mythologies for instance Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Sumerian or Indian.

These gods of ancient mythology awoke five years ago around the world and most of them combine some very bad (in)human character traits in themselves – they are deadly, striving for power, self-centeredness and deviousness. Only the mysterious Society of the Sun seems to be able to keep the goods in check, sometimes in the light, more often in the shadows.

Kyra’s biggest problem, however, are not the gods but her family. Her Mom has left them and is living in Oracle Row and her Dad seems to be a permanent trigger of rebellion for Kyra. Most of the time he is busy and not at home but when he is they often disagree and bicker. For this reason Kyra pretends that she could very well be on her own without her father and do whatever she wants. But when her overly respectable father really disappears she is not willing to give him up. He is charged with high treason because it seems that he has stolen an extremely powerful and dangerous Egyption relic from the Society of the Sun.

With the help of some old and new friends Kyra sets off to get to know what might be behind all this. (mehr …)

History itself can be rewritten. You only need to change a word here, an event there. Even things like emphasis and importance can be up- or downgraded to make history say what they want it to say.To make it read how they want it to read.
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From THE FUTURE WE LEFT BEHIND by Mike Lancaster

THE FUTURE WE LEFT BEHIND (or in some countries 1.4) picks up about one millenium after the events described in the first book of the series 0.4. Life on Earth has changed in a lot of ways but the most significant feature is The Link, a global wireless network that interlinks all people’s brains. You can chat, play, listen to music, buy goods or store your memories via your Link account – whenever, wherever. It’s sort of like our Internet just without computer hardware and way faster.

Peter Vincent, the lead character of this book, isn’t sure if he is up to follow in his father’s footsteps. David Vincent is a famous and celebrated scientist who once saved the world’s crop with his invention of artificial bees but he is also a cold and uncaring person who disrespects other persons‘ beliefs. When Peter meets Alpha his entire view of the world is shaken. Alpha is a Strakerite – a small group of people who believe in the Kyle Straker Tapes and that everything that is described in 0.4 really happened. Leading scientists as Peter’s father despise these Strakerites and contend that Kyle Straker’s story is a hoax, a superstition.

Alpha sows seeds of doubt in Peter’s thoughts and soon they discover a huge conspiracy that doesn’t only threaten their own existence but that even might erase all humanity. Is Kyle Straker’s story true? How can Peter and Alpha accept full responsibility for their own destiny? (mehr …)

April 9, 1940:
Peace-loving Norway is invaded by Nazi Germany. Although unprepared for an invasion, the Norwegian military puts up a valiant fight for several weeks before disbanding. The King and parliament escape to England. Now the Nazis are fully in control.
Or are they. . .?

The occupying Germans expect Norwegians to welcome them as protectors against the Soviet Union. But why? They think that the Norwegians embody the ideal of the Aryan race, being fair-haired, blue-eyed, tall and fit.

Unexpectedly, the Norwegians confront the occupying force with hostility and resistance. There is not only an organized military resistance, even ordinary Norwegians, young and old, find endless ways of resisting. Those people know that every part they play in the underground, no matter how small it might seem, can be significant.

Fourteen-year-old Espen is one of them. Shadow on the Mountain tells his adventures during World War II in Norway. Espen, his family and his friends are swept up in the resistance movement, but some of his former friends seem to be on the wrong side. Can he still trust them or does he have to fear them? Espen starts his career in the resistance with small jobs, at first he only delivers illegal newspapers. During the following years of war he is sent on more and more dangerous missions as a courier or even as a spy. With these strictly forbidden activities he risks his own life and those of his loved ones, his family and friends. Although he sometimes wonders if he is on the right path and what is the right thing to do, at some point he cannot stop the events anymore or return to a normal childhood. (mehr …)

When a school tragedy happens, you may lay the blame on society, the Internet, TV or violent films. Not many of you think it could be the parents‘ or teachers‘ fault, do you? But then, is it? We have our say, spout off opinions in different directions according to our view of the world. In this novel, too, they all have their say, but who’s right?

Clem is an academically gifted model student from Eastbourne in the South of England. A teacher describes him as a sociable and likeable boy who knows his direction in life. Some day Clem’s idyllic school world is turned upside down. His father has lost his job and has to take the family to Scotland in order to take a new position. Clem isn’t happy about this but accepts it – what can he do? He even tries to view Glasgow as a special experiment that won’t crush his high-flying plans for the future.

On his first day at his new school in Glasgow Clem wonders what grouping the school might thrust him into and who will label him first. The first weeks go by and nothing happens. Academically the school work is easy street, but Clem is absolutely isolated, no one speaks to him, welcomes him, comments on his accent – he is invisible. Of course, he feels disappointed by this behavior surrounding him, but when he finally gets a girl’s attention things seem to change for the better. At this time the boy doesn’t expect to end up the center target of a huge group of bullies… (mehr …)

I’d always had a knack for pretending.
Now it was getting harder to remember which part of myself I’d disguised. Which parts were real? And which were fake?

One incident changed seventeen-year-old Aaron Foster’s life from bad to even worse. The incident took place a few weeks into his senior year, a short time after his father’s death. Aaron was speeding around with Hailey, his fourteen-year-old sister, going a bit over the limit and finally ran a light. A few seconds later: siren and a police control. Doesn’t sound sooo bad, does it? Well, the police found a bag of weed in his car and THAT made it bad. Aaron only had one choice: go to jail or turn undercover narc to find the alpha dog, the shot caller at Miami’s palm Hammock High School.

Now, Aaron is forced to turn his social life upside down. Actually, he has never been good at getting close to people, he is rather a loner, obsessed with video games and street magic – someone with no social life, a non-entity. In his new life he has to do these things: make new friends – the right ones; go to parties – the cool ones and report all information to the police.

Aaron indeed manages to get close to the school’s biggest players, makes friends and even falls in love. With a big party planned on Halloween Eve in the Glades, Aaron realizes that he is caught in the crossfire between his new friends, family and the police breathing down his neck.

No matter what he does, he will probably lose a lot… (mehr …)

Although you can often read that Bagicalupi’s “Drowned Cities“ are the sequel to “Ship Breaker“ I’d prefer to call it a companion. The story is set in the same dystopian future of America and the only character we meet again is Tool, the half man, half animal hybrid of dog, hyena, tiger, and a few other predators, designed to win wars. Apart from this, the story as well as the characters are completely different. That might be important for those who hope to meet Nailer again – not in this book! The advantage is, that you don’t have to read “Ship Breaker“ to be able to understand this new book.

The people in the story live in a world of war with scarce natural resources and extensive flooding of most parts of the planet due to climate change and global warming. The US are torn by a civil war and several factions are fighting for control. For a short time, the mega power China have tried to intervene and act as peacekeepers but in the end pulled out again and left the country behind in chaos. Now, soldiers of the different factions go where they please, steal, vandalize, rape, torture and murder – and all this in the name of patriotism and protection of the country.

The main characters are the teenager orphans Mahlia and Mouse. Mahlia is the daughter of a peacekeeper who abandoned her when he left the US. The girl ended up captured by a group of soldiers named the Army of God who tortured her by cutting off one of her hands. Mouse, whose parents had died in the war, rescued her and took her to a refugee camp. Since this time they have been very close friends who manage to stay out of the soldiers‘ path and stay alive.

This changes when one day they stumble across the half-man Tool who lies badly injured and almost dying in a swamp. (mehr …)

“For the first time ever, I felt ashamed of my species. The volcano had taken our homes, our food, our automobiles and our airplanes, but it hadn’t taken our humanity. No, we’d given that up on our own“ (Alex in ASHFALL by Mike Mullin)


Verlag: Tanglewood Press
Seiten: 465
ISBN-10: 1933718552

Alex is a typical teenage boy, almost constantly fighting with his Mom. The topics? Well, I’d say they are quite typical, too: poor study habits, excessive video games and so on. So, Alex is really happy to be allowed to stay alone at home for the weekend while his parents and little sister visit his Uncle’s farm.

But his happiness about having dodged stinky country life and instead of that playing World of Warcraft without any parental disapproval doesn’t last long. Already after a few hours alone he gets the first hint that that wouldn’t be the normal Friday evening. At first there is only a rumble, the house shakes a little and power goes out, but then all hell breaks loose. Alex hears a loud cracking noise and the floor tilts, followed by a loud boom and a whistling sound almost like incoming artillery from a war movie. The house practically caves in on itself and Alex has a hard time escaping the chaos.

But who has sent this bomb? The supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park has erupted and blast off a huge chunk of rock that hit Alex’s house. A few hours later, tons of ash cover the country and overcast the sky. (mehr …)