Mit ‘Blood Zero Sky’ getaggte Beiträge

All of them thought they were just doing their job, fulfilling their duty, making the Company profitable. And no one took a damned bit of responsibility. It wasn’t me, it was the Company, they said.
Mr. Fields, CEO of N-Corp, in Blood Zero Sky

Imagine the following scenario in the possibly not too remote future:

The world is dominated by two companies. N-Corp has a monopoly over America, South America, Australia and Africa while Europe, Russia, China and India bear the colors of B & S, short for Briggs & Stratton. These two companies are the only ones in the world – and they don’t only dominate all economic sectors, but also the capital market, education systems, media, police and military services, religion, the governments. To put it in a nutshell, N-Corp and B&S rule the world and are consequently in the driver’s seat for all imaginable areas of life of each and every person in their territories.

With mandatory high-tech implants N-Corp keeps all citizens focused on an endless cycle of work and consumption, unprofitables are banished to cruel work camps. But some people have been able to escape the slavery. They are members of the Protectorate, a secret order dating back to the American Revolution, and they have a huge goal: the restoration of America’s democratic freedom.

To achieve this goal, they have to infiltrate the upper management levels of N-Corp. May Fields, the CEO’s daughter, belongs to the management. She is head of N-Corp’s marketing team and you should think that she has almost everything anyone could want. Nevertheless, there is one crucial thing that will always keep her dissatisfied – she doesn’t have the freedom to be herself.

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