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Responsibility’s a cruel bitch. She comes for you whether you want it or not.
Mike Mullin: Ashen Winter

CoverFans of Dystopian literature, get ready for the second installment of Mike Mullin’s Ashfall Trilogy.

Ten months have passed since Alex has last seen the sun. The Yellowstone’s eruption has hurled billions of tons of fine ash and sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere and even the biggest optimists don’t expect the sky to return to normal within the following years. In the past months Alex and his girlfriend Darla haven’t only seen the sky go dark but also their entire society. They have to watch first hand how cruel and malicious people can be when chaos rules the world. Darwin’s ‚Survival of the Fittest” has gained a new meaning.

At the beginning of Ashen Winter, Alex and Darla are still staying on Alex’s uncle’s farm not knowing what has happened to his parents. When Alex finally uncovers some information that his parents might still be alive he is hell-bent and no fear, warning or plea can stop him from going on his search. Together, Alex and Darla set out in the disastrous world where they have to face kidnappers, zombie-like cannibals, hunger, disappointment and desperation. (mehr …)