Mike Mullin: Sunrise (#3 Ashfall Trilogy)

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After ‘Ashfall’ and ‘Ashen Winter’ ‘Sunrise’ is the final instalment of Mike Mullin’s post-apocalyptic Ashfall trilogy. If you expect that the title of this book describes the happily-ever-after part of the series you will soon learn that, well, you’ve got another think coming! It’s almost one year after the disastrous eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. Iowa and Illinois are still in chaos: no communication to other parts of the country, no air travel or railroad traffic, impassable roads due to the ashfall and snow. These parts of the country are on their own, people can’t expect any governmental rescue services. They have no energy supply, no water supply and with every day the food shortage becomes more life-threatening. In some rare moments nature displays a silver lining at the horizon but the bitingly cold ashen winter is far from over.
Darla, Alex and his family now live at Alex’ uncle’s farmhouse which has transformed into a rough refugee camp. Due to the desolate situation the towns and settlements have begun waging war on each other. Communities have to be created to withstand the ongoing disaster, but they are unstable and fragile on the brink of starvation. The society has plunged into some medieval legal system where a human life is worth little, food is everything and self-appointed power-hungry leaders judge according to the principle of an eye for an eye.

Is there anything left of humanity that makes them look forward to finally see the sun again?

So, this is the long-awaited finale of Alex’ and Darla’s horror survival trip in a post catastrophic scenario. Oh boy, their adventures absolutely engrossed me. It is not easy to keep the reader at the edge of his seat over three books and more than 1500 pages in total, but Mike Mullin managed it. The author never lost the thread nor tried to vary one and the same situation over and over again to prolong his novel. Within the first minutes of every book I was able to immerse in that post apocalyptic world and had to struggle to put the book down again. The plot is fascinating – depressing and horrific in some moments, impressive and promising in others – a real white knuckle ride. The characters, young adults and adults equally, are under permanent development. Mullin gives his protagonists all characteristics human beings can show: naïve or cunning, idealistic or power-hungry, helpful or egoistic, young or old and many more. He also describes that in desperate situations the factors age, experience and power are not necessarily the key to survival. Talent, intelligence and a sense of responsibility can be found in the most unexpected places… In the trilogy it might seem to come in too handy that there is always some person or tool that can help in a seemingly unsolvable situation but is it always unrealistic? I think that it only shows that intelligence, creativity and loyalty can help find solutions for almost any problem and really everybody can contribute to it. The responsibility cannot be left to the mighty and powerful.

To sum up I’d like to say that the Ashfall trilogy is a fantastic read not only for young readers but also for adults. The different books cover various aspects of the catastrophe, for individuals, the society, the entire humanity. Some parts are breathtaking rollercoaster rides full of brutality and action whereas in others politics rule.

I hope we’ll read more of Mullin, soon.


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