Nicole Ciacchella: Infiltrator – Second Book of the Contributor Trilogy

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INFILTRATOR is the second instalment of the Contributor Trilogy by Nicole Cicacchella. It continues the story of Dara, a seventeen year old girl who lives in a dystopian world in which huge companies, the Creators, rule the world and manipulate all humans under their control. In the first book CONTRIBUTOR Dara has learnt the hard way that in contrast to everything she has been talked into believing in her past her life has never been happy, easy and privileged. Although she now knows that it is pointless to pretend that her life would have been wonderful with that former kind of blissful ignorance, she has to struggle with her new reality. Everything she knows is that she doesn’t want to be another cog in the big leading company’s machine.

With the help of the Free Thinkers, a group of rebels who act from the underground, she gets the opportunity to see behind the curtains of the manipulative governing companies.

The more Dara learns about the arrogant lies and manipulations of the Creators, the more she wants to escape from this pressure. She needs the freedom to ask questions, the ability to do what she wants to and the possibility to be loyal to her family. At this time she wonders who really benefits from the system as it stands now. There are too many people who fall behind and Dara is not willing to accept this. For this reason she pretends to be still a faithful and loyal Contributor who works hard for her Creator, but in fact she is an Infiltrator, a spy, who tries to unravel their dark and dirty secrets.

More than once Dara has to go to her limits, risk her own and the lives of her family and friends and sacrifice a lot. Is she ready to set the world on fire?

INFILTRATOR is a worthy sequel to CONTRIBUTOR and it doesn’t have the middle-book-lengthiness many second books of trilogies suffer from. The reader now learns more of the world outside the domes and the real history of Dara’s society. Like in the first book, the characters are interesting and go through a plausible development. It is thrilling to follow Dara through her unpredictable life and I am glad that the author sticks to her concept that she doesn’t need blood, gore and kitsch to keep the reader emotionally involved.

I can’t wait to read the final instalment and hope that the author doesn’t take too long to finish the trilogy!

The CONTRIBUTOR trilogy can be recommended to all teenage and adult readers who love to read thought provoking dystopian books – 5/5 stars.

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