I`d only learned I was a Shifter a year ago, […]. After that, my life got increasingly complicated.
Scott in CONTROL by Kim Curran

CONTROL is the sequel of SHIFT and continues the story of Scott and Aubrey. The teenagers are Shifters, a group of children and teens who can alter reality around them with a single thought. But it’s not like time travel, they can’t go back in a tricky situation suddenly armed with everything they know from the future. They can only change their own decisions and once the change is made, they forget there has ever been an alternative.

Scott Tyler is unlike the other Shifters: He can remember all his alternative realities – the good ones and the horrific ones and has to live with that.

ARES, the secret government agency that trains and regulates the teenage Shifters sends Scott on a mission. They want him to track down the mysterious Frank Anderson. This ex-Shifter tries to find abandoned and endangered Shifters and gives them a home. Anderson claims to give the children hope and a stable life but there seems to be a lot more to the story – a dark secret that could endanger entire societies.

Scott is obsessed with discovering the truth and this takes him further away from Aubrey and his friends. Can he hold his grip on reality or will he lose control over his choices?

I enjoyed SHIFT but CONTROL is even better. The second as well as the first part of this YA series is thrilling, fast-paced and features some unexpected twists and turns. I liked the different characters, most are realistic and likeable and some are so evil, cruel and manipulative – great. And then there is the perfectly realistic woven fabric of Scot Tyler’s life: his dreadful family situation, the friendship/love with Audrey, his friends and his struggle to make his own decisions and finally stand by them.

The idea of alternative realities in these novels is absolutely cool. There is no crystal clear good or evil, some decisions are meant to be helpful and have horrific consequences. Is it ever justifiable to manipulate others, even for the greater good? Who can really tell which are the right decisions with the best results?

The end took me by surprise, I didn’t expect that at all and hope that there will be another sequel to continue the story of Scott and his friends.

Great read for male and female young adults – five stars.


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