Robison Wells: Variant

Veröffentlicht: April 16, 2012 in 4 Sterne - Lesenswert, Dystopie, Englisch, Gewalt, Schule
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Benson Fisher is a teenage orphan kid hopping from foster family to foster family. When he gets a scholarship to Maxfield Academy, an upper class boarding school, he hopes that this might be his one-way-ticket to a better future.

What he gets in reality is a one-way-ticket into a nightmare: Arriving at Maxfield Benson finds a very creepy situation – no teachers at this school, strictly speaking no adults at all, instead of that a school full of security cameras, locked doors and everything surrounded by a high wall and razor wire. Benson and all other students are trapped in this school and people who try to escape put their life on the line. You might think that in this situation all students act as members of the same team but they organize themselves into different factions, some going along with the circumstances and others who are not as compliant.

In order to survive Benson must join one of these gangs: Society, Havoc or Variant. He chooses Variant and hopes that this group can help him to escape. Although Benson gets used to Maxfield Academy after a while and even finds some new friends, he is absolutely determined not to accept this fate as some guinea pig in a lab experiment.

What happens next is so unexpected and weird that I won’t write here any more details, because I don’t want to risk spoiling anything. „Trust no one“ ist the perfect slogan on the cover of this book. Benson can trust no one, but also the reader can’t trust himself. I would never have expected the turn of events in the middle of the book. So, just read and shock yourself ;-).

Lots of action sequences, cool idea (although not completely new, some things reminded me of Dashner’s Maze Runner trilogy) and interesting characters made this a really good read for me. As in many books I really hated the end – a cliffhanger that left me clueless; arrghh, I have to wait until the sequel’s out.

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