Neal Shusterman: Unwind

Veröffentlicht: April 8, 2012 in 4 Sterne - Lesenswert, Dystopie, Englisch, Fantasy, Freundschaft, Thriller
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America, after the Heartland War (also known as the Second Civil War):

In order to satisfy both sides fighting over the value of human life The Bill of Life (slight play on the Bill of Rights? ;-)) is signed, stating human life is untouchable from the conception until the age of 13. But from then on, between the ages of 13 and 18, parents can choose to indirectly abort their children without the kids literally dying, a process called “unwinding”. When a child is unwound, it is torn apart with full consciousness so that its organs and limbs can be recycled and transplanted to other people, but the child is mentally kept alive nevertheless. This means that there’s practically no medicine as we know it, a lung is replaced immediately by a new one if it shows only a small sign of dysfunction and there are no intentions of repairing it. In this modern society, Unwinding is a common and appreciated process.

This is when it comes to the three main characters that are all going to be unwound. They find together by chance and stay together and travel across the country sharing the same fate: Connor’s parents want to get rid of him because he’s a real troublemaker, orphan Risa is sent away to cut orphanage costs and Lev’s very religious family with his parents and his nine siblings unwinds him as a tithe and sees that as an honor – Lev as well so Connor and Risa have trouble convincing that Unwinding isn’t as good as he believes, but although he separates from them, they all begin their way to fulfill their most important aim: survive until their 18th birthdays when they can’t be unwound anymore. But in a time where every part of their body is highly wanted, the time till 18 seems to be a very difficult and long time…

The story is narrated mostly shifting between Connor’s, Risa’s and Lev’s point of view (nevertheless in 3rd person), but also sometimes from persons which didn’t have much influence on the story, which I found a bit confusing. At the beginning, I was a bit disappointed because the characters where kept rather shallow so after a pause in the middle of a chapter I found myself wondering: Eh, whom is this about? Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book later because the general idea of the story was very good and packed full of suspense, not being able to wait to know if the three survive.

Really good start-off of a planned trilogy you should read although there are some minor flaws – 4 stars!

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