Beth Revis: Across the Universe – A Million Suns

Veröffentlicht: April 5, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Abenteuer, Dystopie, Englisch, Fantasy, Freundschaft, Science Fiction
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A Million Suns, book 2 of the Across the Universe trilogy, picks up where Across the Universe (Godspeed – Die Reise beginnt) dropped off.

Eldest is dead, Orion frozen and 16year old Elder is now in charge of the Godspeed. After decades of lies and the manipulation of the passengers with drugs under the rule of Eldest, Elder is determined to be a better leader. He takes the Godspeed passengers off the drugs, gives them back their freedom and free access to the ship’s knowledge databases. All this turns out to be too much freedom, because people start to question him and Elder’s control of the ship starts to slip. Amy isn’t much of a help in this situation, because in many ways Elder and she couldn’t be more different – with one born on the ship and meant to lead and the other born centuries ago on earth and with the feeling of being stuck in a life that wasn’t meant to be this way.

When more and more people feel their inner discontent because of the ship’s apparently hopeless situation, a rebellion starts. An unknown killer is on the loose and eliminates passengers in Elder’s name and most of the people blame Amy for all changes on the ship so her safety is also highly endangered. Now, Elder and Amy have to stick together to stop the chaos, prevent a mutiny and find a way to offer a hope for a life off the Godspeed.

With all the complex plotting, unexpected twists and turns, action and suspense, I really enjoyed this second installment of the series and can hardly wait for the end or should I rather say beginning 😉 in the final book.


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