Legend tells the story of the two 15-year-olds June and Day. It is set in Los Angeles, in the Republic of California, a tyrannic, military state at war with the Eastern colonies and the Patriots.

The point of view alternates between the main characters. At first sight they seem to be very different.
Day is from a very poor area of The Republic. He is a public enemy, not the most dangerous criminal in the country, but the most wanted, because he makes the military look bad. Whe he tries to steal medicine for his sick youngest brother, he almost gets caught and injures his opponent on his flight.
June on the other hand has grown up in one of the wealthiest areas and is loyal to the government. She is a prodigy, trained to work for the Republic. Their paths cross after June’s brother is murdered and Day seems to be the only suspect. June thirsts for revenge and tries to hunt him down and bring him to justice. On her way to justice she has to face many conflicts and the betrayal of people she trusts.

The book is entertaining, fast-paced and thrilling. Although it is not an absolute „WOW-book“ you can find almost everything, a dystopian story needs: likeable main characters, a malicious tyrannic government and suspense. Really good read. I`m waiting for the sequel.


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