Kailin Gow: The Alchemists Academy – Stones to Ashes

Veröffentlicht: März 5, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Abenteuer, Englisch, Fantasy, Magie
Schlagwörter:, , , ,

Wirt Newton is a 14 year old foster kid who has never fit into any of his foster parents’ lives. He has gone from foster family to foster family, from school to school, always labeled as a troubled kid. One day Wirt gets in trouble with a group of boys and the bullies start to beat him up. He can’t fight against so many boys and cannot run away anymore. So he just screws is eyes shut and wishes that he is somewhere, anywhere else – and this really works!

When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in the middle of a field with a huge tree on it. This tree is not only huge, it is bigger than a scyscraper with enormous leaves. He is so shocked that he passes out, finding himself when he wakes up again in the office of a school headmaster. This is Ender Paine, Headmaster of The Alchemists Academy, which is designed to teach young people with magical potential and train them to wizards.

With his jump onto the school’s lawn Wirt has shown great magical potential. Thus Paine offers him a scholarship to the Alchemists Academy. Wirt isn’t happy with this at first, because he wants to go home. But he has no alternatives because Paine can’t help him to jump back into his own world. He has to stay at this school to find his way back himself.

Soon, Wirt feels more at home at the Alchemists Academy, not least with the help of his new friends Spencer, Alana and Priscilla and he learns a lot about magic. When one day Ender Paine informs the students that a powerful magical item from ancient times has gone missing, the friends go on a quest to bring back the lost magical cup.

This first book of „The Alchemists Academy“ was a quick, entertaining read. In this magical world Good and Evil are not always clear and you can find a lot of funny moments. A really enjoyable book.



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