Kailin Gow: The Alchemists Academy – Elemental Explosions

Veröffentlicht: März 5, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Englisch, Fantasy, Freundschaft, Magie
Schlagwörter:, , , ,

After „Stones to Ashes“ this is the second book in „The Alchemists Academy“ series.

After his first year at the academy Wirt has spent the summer at the school, exploring all parts of the school because unlike his schoolmates he has still found no way to transport himself home. Now he is glad that the new year has started and after his experiences in his first year at his new school he has the feeling that many impossible things have faded to something almost normal.

Roland Black, a new student, enters The Alchemists Academy and moves in as Wirt’s new room mate. Roland seems to be really evil and he tries to drive a wedge between the friends Wirt, Spencer and Alana. Wirt has a crush on Alana and now he has to rival for her attention with not only Spencer, but newcomer Roland, as well.

In their second year at the Academy all students have to pass tests, quests and trials to get into the Elite Class. Only these students are allowed to stay at the Academy in the third year. All students who fail will be sent home. But Wirt can’t go home unless he has found a way to transport himself into his world. So he has to do all he can to get into the Elite Class, but the places are limited and some competitors for them are supposed to fight in a potentially deadly game. Does Wirt have a chance for a third year at the Academy?

This book is really fast-paced and full of suspense. I only don’t like that it is way too short and ends with a cliffhanger.



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