Gemma Malley: The Declaration

Veröffentlicht: März 5, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Dystopie, Englisch, Freundschaft, Psychologie
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Imagine this: You live in the year 2140. Scientists have created drugs that can stop the onset of ageing – you can’t fall ill and you don’t have to die; you can be immortal. Sounds quite good, huh?

But there is also the other side of the coin. With limited food, water and energy resources, there is no longer room for new life. The government has realized the need to stop overpopulation, hence “the Declaration” was written, forbidding anyone who signs up for immortality from having children. The most natural circle of life: birth, youth, middle age and death doesn’t work any more.

Still, there are some children, conceived illegally and secretly brought to life, the so-called “Surpluses”. Anna is a teenage girl and one of them; she was never supposed to be born and according to the law a burden to the state. As a Surplus she is not a citizen and has no rights, catchers took her away from her parents when she was a toddler, imprisoned her parents and locked Anna away at Grange Academy, a state home for Surplus children. Here she is beaten, starved and trained to be a Valuable Asset, to work as a servant for Legals.

Now, Anna is a model Surplus, brainwashed that she is worthless, not loved, doesn’t deserve to live and ashamed of her own existence. Everything changes when a new Surplus comes to Grange Hall: Peter, who tells Anna about the love of her parents and who wants to help her to escape. Can Anna overcome her felling of guilt and the years of brainwash and go with him?

The first half of the book is moving quite slowly, it describes the dreadful situation of the Surpluses, the sadistic treatment of children – in short terms the story about a not too distant future with science and government gone bad. But then the story gains pace and you can see hope, that not everything is evil…

“The Declaration” is a very interesting, exciting, although sometimes depressing dystopian novel. I really liked it


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