Daniel Finn: Two Good Thieves

Veröffentlicht: März 5, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Abenteuer, Andere Länder, Englisch, Freundschaft, Gewalt, Kriminalität
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„Two Good Thieves“ centres on Baz and Demi, who live in the poorest district of a large fictional Latin American city. The girl and the boy have been abandoned by their parents long time ago and Fay, the female leader of a gang of teenage pickpockets, picked them up and taught them everything they need to know on the streets.

Baz and Demi are „two good thieves“ because they work as a very skilled and successful team. Every day they leave the Barrio (the slum they live in) and head to the city’s wealthier districts to look for unguarded bags and wallets. With enough money in their pockets they run back to their hide-out and deliver the booties to their „mother of thieves“.

As they are the most successful team in the gang they don’t have to fear to be sent away by Fay, but one day they pick the wrong pocket. Demi grabs the pocket of a woman in front of an expensive jewellery shop and steals a very valuable ring. It turns out that this woman is the wife of the city’s police chief. This theft changes their lives forever, they don’t only have to fear to loose their home but also their lives.

The story about two children who have to fight against their brutal environment is really dramatic and exciting. It needs some time to gather speed but then you can follow the main characters through their fights and chases in the slums. At the beginning of the book it took me a while to get attuned to the slum dialect but it wasn’t too difficult to read. A really thrilling book about streetkids in South America.


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