Enclave shows a post apocalyptic New York. After wars and a huge plague most people have migrated to underground enclaves. The life expectancy under the earth is really low, no one lives longer than 25 years. In their first fifteen years the brats (children) do not have a real name but only a number. If they survive these first years the brats go through a ceremony in which they receive their new names and are assigned to one of the three underground groups – Breeders, Builders or Hunters.

Girl Fifteen was born during the second holocaust. When she turns 15 she is named Deuce, takes on her new role as a Huntress and is paired with Fade, a teenager Hunter who was born Topside. Deuce and Fade have to go into the dark and dangerous tunnels surrounding the enclave to bring meat for the group and fight against the Freaks, some zombie-like genetic mutations which kill and eat humans.

Deep below the rules are very strict, those who do not observe the Elders’ rules have to leave the enclave what is almost always a death sentence. Fade doesn’t like following the orders and after a while Deuce thinks that he might be right and that the authorities are not infallible. The consequence: Deuce and Face are exiled Topside where they have to face new threats but also find some unexpected allies…

This book is definetely not for someone who chickens out easily. The writing is very intense and scary. You never know what’s going to happen next. The main characters also surprise in many ways: badasses, but not flawless with a huge amount of loyalty. Enclave is really engrossing and I enjoyed reading it very much. Can’t wait to read the sequel!


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