Rick Riordan: The Kane Chronicles – The Throne of Fire

Veröffentlicht: März 4, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Abenteuer, Englisch, Fantasy, Humor, Magie, Mythologie
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In this second installment in „The Kane Chronicles“ the siblings Carter and Sadie are back fighting to save the world. The Kane siblings are not only children of two famous Egyptologists, but are also the last descendants of the “House of Life”, a group of very powerful Egyptian magicians.

At the beginning of the book Carter and Sadie are back in their family home Brooklyn House in New York. Their home has become a training ground for young magicians where they can master their magical skills to fight against the evil. But they haven’t got much time – their most threatening enemy, the chaos snake Apophis, is rising and about to conquer and destroy the world.

The siblings’ only chance to stop Apophis is to resurrect the sun god Ra, the most powerful Egyptian god ever. This isn’t easy because Ra has been out of commission for thousands of years, his essence divided among three scrolls that have been hidden across the world. Carter and Sadie need to find the scrolls and combine them to recreate Ra.

They have only got a few days left to fulfill the quest with the help of a few old friends and some new friends. Unfortunately, they have to fight against evil gods, demons and treacherous magicians and have to pass the underworld along their way to find Ra…

The adventure tale „The Throne of Fire“ is a real page-turner, action-packed, but also funny. Carter and Sadie are likeable characters, not the perfect heroes. OK, they have got supernatural powers, but they also have to deal with typical teenager problems and don’t always like the thrilling life they have been pushed into.

Those who liked Riordan’s Percy Jackson books will probably also like this series. I do 😉 !!


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