James Dashner: The Maze Runner

Veröffentlicht: März 4, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Dystopie, Englisch, Freundschaft, Gewalt, Science Fiction, Thriller
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„The Maze Runner“ is a science fiction story written by James Dashner. It tells the story of Thomas who finds himself dumped into a dystopian civilization. At first sight his new home is an idyllic glade full of unsupervised teenage boys like him. But then everything seems to be utterly wrong. Thomas doesn’t know how he got into the glade. He cannot remember his past, his family, friends , his home. The only thing he remembers is his name.

Soon, Thomas learns that each of the other boys had arrived the same way during the past two years – with no memory prior to their arrival.

The glade is surrounded by an unsolvable maze filled with horrifying and deadly creatures called the grievers. Every night huge stone walls that surround the glade shut to protect the boys from what’s “out there” in the maze and every day “Maze Runners” go out into the maze to try to map it out and find an escape and go home (wherever home might be 😦 ). The problem: the maze changes daily so the boys have to search for a pattern in the changes.

In the glade, the boys try to govern themselves with a rigid social structure, own laws and even an own slang. They all have their jobs and responsibilities to fulfill.

With his arrival Thomas sets events in motion that he cannot control. The other boys don’t trust him and blame him for everything that goes wrong. Thomas feels that there is some connection between him and the maze but he cannot remember what it is.

Are the other boys right with their distrust? Is he the hero who can help them find their way back home or is he a villain who is responsible for their misery? He cannot even trust himself.

The book is fascinating and full of suspense. I am looking forward to the sequels.


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