Henry H. Neff: The Tapestry – The Fiend and the Forge

Veröffentlicht: März 4, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Abenteuer, Englisch, Fantasy, Freundschaft, Magie
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„The Fiend and the Forge“ continues the story of Max McDaniels in Henry H. Neff’s series „The Tapestry“. The previous book two „The Second Siege“ ends with Max turning over the Book of Thoth to the demon lord Astaroth to save his home Rowan and the world.

Much has changed since this event. Max is happy that everyone at Rowan is safe but he can’t stand the knowledge that those humans under Astaroth’s domains have to live in constant fear and danger.

Astaroth takes away all discoveries in technology, medicine and engineering from the human cultures. Many people even forget about their own past. Different demon leaders run amok around the world and enslave, threaten, torture and kill people.

Max and his roommate, the sorcerer David, do not want to pretend normalcy and tolerate Astaroth’s rule. David tries to devise a magical scheme to break Astaroth’s control and Max sets out on a new request on his own – looking for revenge and justice.

After long and dangerous fights Max and David finally reunite, but Astaroth is already waiting for them …

„The Fiend and the Forge“ is darker than the first books in the series, thrilling, chilling and in some parts even depressing. This book is a great adventure and always exciting to read. It ends, of course, with a cliffhanger – Max’s story is far from over. 🙂

Very cool.


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