April Henry: Shock Point

Veröffentlicht: März 4, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Freundschaft, Thriller
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“Shock Point” is about a teenage girl named Cassie who lives with her mom and her stepfather Rick.

She doesn`t get along very well with her Rick, the child psychiatrist, who criticises her wherever he can. One day Cassie finds out that Rick has been illegally subscribing Socom, an experimental drug, to his teen patients – three of them have committed suicide. Cassie wants to report him, but before she can do this, Rick plants crystal meth in her room and persuades her mother to send her to „Peaceful Cove“, a boarding school in Mexico for troubled teens.

But Peaceful Cove isn`t peaceful at all, but a really horrible and brutal prison camp. All of Cassie`s personal belongings are taken from her and she has hardly an opportunity to escape from this place with armed guards, barbed wire and dry desert around the camp.

The teenagers are totally cut off from the world, and they have to follow a million rules. Cassie isn`t allowed to cross her legs when she sits, she can`t talk, sit or stand without permission and every violation of the rules is punished with cruelty.

She has no idea how long her time at Peaceful Cove might last – months or even years without any hope. But Cassie doesn`t only fight for her own life; if she doesn`t escape and expose her stepfather`s misuse of the experimental drug, more children are likely to die.

With the help of a friend Cassie tries to find a way out of the camp …

The book is shocking, full of action and suspense. Once you have started it you never want to stop reading :-). I really enjoyed it.

Deutscher Titel: Breakout


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