Michael Scott: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel – The Sorceress (Book 3)

Veröffentlicht: März 3, 2012 in 5 Sterne - Unbedingt anschaffen!!, Englisch, Fantasy, Magie, Mythologie
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The twins Josh and Sophie are still on the run. Their adventure goes on where the second book of the series has ended: At the train station St. Pancras in London.

The dark magicians still want the missing pages of a very important magic book from Josh and Sophie. The Dark Elders need it to rule the world.

The siblings are almost unprotected in their fight: Nicholas Flamel grows weaker with every passing day without his magic book, Perenelle Flamel is still trapped on Alcatraz and Scathach has gone missing in the end of Book Two.

Sophie has learnt both the magic of fire and of air, but Josh is untrained. He has only got Clarent, the powerful twin sword to Excalibur. So they need someone who can teach Josh and Sophie the third elemental magic. The problem is that the only person in the world who can teach them is Gilgamesh the king. And he is quite insane …

I like this series very much because the books are much fun and interesting to read. Now I can say that I highly recommend to look forward for this book!

You should read the first books of this series before you start with book 3, because it is difficult to understand without book 1 and book 2.


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